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My Latest Cover

Click below to hear my version of Sum Me Up 🙂 Lemme know what you think…


Swap Your Phone For a Pint of Guinness

Quotation_startDedication, Loyalty, Friendship. The choices we make, will reveal the true nature of our character.

Gathering an impressive 8 million views on Youtube, Guinness prove that their product doesn’t even  have to be mentioned  for their adverts to capture the attention of millions. Sometimes a video can be more powerful than words could ever be, and their basketball ad held true to this.  Guinness have nailed the art of selling stories their customers want to hear.

2xupZ3IIn the new visually stinking Guinness ad, they want you to swap your phone for a pint and the online posting for a bit of real life banter.

But question is could you really go without your phone for a couple of hours while on a night out?

The Extract Show


Your Presenters: Ciara Connolly, Mike Ward and Heather Howley

We take a look back at some of the highlights of 2013, the loved songs and the most talked about celebrities. Also taking a quick look in whats happening in 2014 and the New Years Resolutions that appear(to not work) every year! Don’t text in to the number mentioned in the show as the phone is not currently in use and we will not receive the message. Stay tuned for more information about more shows starting in the New Year!  Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from all at Sound Out Radio!

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A video I put together of our first attempt at presenting a live radio show for Galway’s newest online radio station Sound Out Radio. Mike Ward, Conor Mullins and Ciara Connolly take to the mic for a great debate about the benefits of Tea and Coffee?

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